our products

we created dax + honey out of our passion for sustainable, safe, and beautiful toys. our mission is to provide our customers with affordable and developmentally sound children's toys in a market that does not normally cater to those on a budget. so we started dax + honey to accomplish just that. affordable, safe, beautiful handmade toys.

each one of dax + honey's products is designed and made individually, by hand, from premium american hardwoods - including black walnut, white elm, hickory, costa rican guanacaste, ash, and hard maple. since wood is a naturally occurring medium, each piece is different and unique from another in color and grain - which we love and know you will too.

our use of premium hardwoods is truly what sets dax + honey apart from the rest in the wooden toy market. our toys, are designed and built to provide a safe and sensory play experience that will last for generations. to ensure longevity and safety, we seal our products with a naturally water-resistant, non-toxic, food grade, and baby-safe coating - allowing them stand up to decades of strenuous play...and slobber. 

we know you (and your little ones) will love and cherish our quality wooden toys for generations to come.

**In the event that the product you receive is not up to your standard of quality, (a wheel comes off, it somehow just breaks, etc...) -- please reach out to us immediately via our contact form, and we'll be happy to repair or replace your piece. 

disclaimer: some pieces contain small parts that could present a potential choking hazard if broken off from the toy. not recommended for children 3-years and under.