Delivery Van | Wooden Toy
Delivery Van | Wooden Toy
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Delivery Van | Wooden Toy

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This wooden van is ideal for imaginative play for your little ones. The perfectly placed cutouts allow small hands hours of creative play. All of our wooden toys are cut from natural, premium hardwoods, providing a holistic, safe, and non-toxic play experience for all of your littles. 


Materials: 100% natural Hickory hardwood; our wooden toys are coated with a moisture-resistant, non-toxic, food-grade, child-safe sealer (tung oil and linseed oil -- used for sealing cutting boards and wooden serving bowls)

Age: 3yrs+

Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 2"


This toy is unique to you! Due to the high-quality nature of the wood used for these products, the color may vary slightly between items - no two toys will be exactly the same.