Wooden Balancing Rocks
Wooden Balancing Rocks
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Wooden Balancing Rocks

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Bring Montessori to your home with these hand-carved wooden balancing rocks -- perfect for small hands learning to stack. They are beautiful enough to keep out and make a great addition to any room or shelf. Cut from premium American Walnut hardwood, these natural wooden stacking rocks are educational, holistic, moisture-resistant, baby-safe, and non-toxic -- perfect for all ages of little hands. Set of 5.


Materials: 100% American Walnut hardwood; **coated with a moisture-resistant, food-grade, non-toxic, child-safe sealer (**a mixture of tung oil and linseed oil, both of which are most often used to seal cutting boards and wooden food-serving bowls) 

Age: All ages

Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2" (dimensions vary slightly in size) 


This toy is unique to you! Due to the high-quality nature of the wood used for these products, the color may vary slightly between items - no two toys will be exactly the same.